"By adopting a child and helping them reach their potential, they help us reach ours. An adopted child is not an unwanted child; to the contrary. They are a child who was searched for, prayed for, cried for, begged for; received by arms that ached, making empty hearts full. Love is meant to be shared." Author unknown

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Tid Bits

Things that I want to document, just wanting to keep it real for those who are about to take this journey and those who are considering adoption.  Being prepared for or expecting the worst and prayer are the two best advice tips I can give when taking this journey.  The second is that the first day or two are typically the worst both for the child and for yourself mentally.  Know that most often, after a few days or by the time you leave China, the child is different than the child you met on gotcha day.  Time, love, and patience does allow for healing and learning.

Tonight's ordeal:
Little man had a melt down for about an hour this evening, not even sure why. He had his pants down scratching his rear, I pulled them up and the fit began. Needless to say, that nixed me from going to the restaurant with the other families for dinner. I did sent my three teens because they were ready to flee and try something different. I just asked that they bring me some food back. We shall see what three teenagers think their mom likes...lol.

Victories and destruction on the move...

Baby Babble video for Esther was a success!!! She did a lot of repeating!!! Xavier could of cared less. 

Little man tore the vinyl off one of the office chairs in the room, guess we'll see if the Hilton will charge us. Ugh - can't take your eyes off of him for a second. And I've got multiple eyes with me.

He attempted to do it to the other chair just a few hours later. I'm not even sure how he is getting the holes started to pull on in. He is total destruction on the go. Seriously going to have to put things up and out of his reach everywhere we go.  Giving my husband the heads up to begin preparing at home. Likely going to have to put locks on the cabinets. 

On the bright side, he has picked up on the ASL signs for "more" and I worked on "eat" and shaking his head yes. We are also working on the sign for "book".

Those are my myriad of thoughts for the day.  Tomorrow is a free day, going to have to find something to go out and do.  Maybe we will visit the mall across the street.  

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