"By adopting a child and helping them reach their potential, they help us reach ours. An adopted child is not an unwanted child; to the contrary. They are a child who was searched for, prayed for, cried for, begged for; received by arms that ached, making empty hearts full. Love is meant to be shared." Author unknown

Thursday, December 29, 2011

8 weeks ago - is that all it's been?

Is 8 weeks all it has been since Tegan and a few days later Corban joined our family?  Why is it that is seems like it has been longer than that?  Amazing how much has gone on and how much they have adapted in that short time!

I know I have been slacking on the blog, there just haven't been enough hours in the day lately.  Where do I begin? I'll start with our family overall and then I'll do a post on each of the boys, as soon as I have some time.

The overall family dynamics have improved. Angel and our dog, Jewlz, are both showing less jealousy and are finding their place in the shift of family roles.  Angel loves to play with the boys, well mainly Tegan because he will play along, during the day when the rest of the kids are off to school. She likes having them all to herself because Kailey becomes "director" when she is home. Kailey is a huge help in entertaining them and seems to enjoy her new "little mother" role.  Michiael and Logan are helpful as well, when asked, and thankfully they haven't complained about helping.  They have become good big brothers to their new little brothers.

Our Christmas was nice.  We spent our Christmas, for the very first time ever, at our own home. Ever since Jason and I married (and even before) we always traveled back to Indiana for about a week to visit with our parents and extended family.  Though we missed seeing our family this holiday season, we really enjoyed starting our own Christmas traditions and waking up Christmas morning in our own home. We finally got to make the "Happy Birthday Jesus" cake I've wanted to make the past few years and then we sang Happy Birthday, Jesus in Chinese (Angel began taking Chinese lessons and this is one of the songs she has learned)

Overall, I think everyone is adjusting to their new roles quite nicely. It does get a little crazy here sometimes but we manage. Even in the midst of the craziness we thank God everyday for growing our family and the growth we have seen in Tegan and Corban as well as the rest of our family.

Well I know this is short but we are having family photos taken in a few hours so I must go begin to get everyone ready. I will try to get an update done on each of the boys soon.

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