"By adopting a child and helping them reach their potential, they help us reach ours. An adopted child is not an unwanted child; to the contrary. They are a child who was searched for, prayed for, cried for, begged for; received by arms that ached, making empty hearts full. Love is meant to be shared." Author unknown

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fingerprint appointment dates!!!

On Monday, we received our letters stating when each of our USCIS fingerprinting appointment is, Jason’s is April 8th and mine on the 11th.  In my eagerness to get them done and being told by others that they were able to walk-in to get them done before their actual appointment, I headed to the USCIS office only to be told that they would not do them till the appointed time - bummer. I tried anyway.  Not that it would necessarily speed things up.

Now we wait till those dates arrive, get them completed and then wait some more for our provisional approval letter, which will be the final paper we need to complete our Dossier!!!!  Should have that about a month from now, if things go on the timeframe others have.

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  1. One step closer! Keeping you all in our prayers.


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